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Weight Loss & Healthy Aging Programs

At Stone Oak Womens Center we are committed to complete women’s health care that includes nutritional and weight loss management. Under the care and supervision of Michelle Harden, MD, and her team, patients will be provided individualized programs that assist in weight loss, weight maintenance and lifelong management. Dr. Harden will provide every possible resource for self-transformation; patients can get started down a path to a healthy weight and a more balanced life.

Types of Weight Loss & Healthy Aging Programs we offer:

Firstline Therapy

The Therapeutic Lifestyle and Weight Loss Program

As your full-service San Antonio OBGYN, we want to provide you with unbeatable guidance that keeps you healthy in every facet of your life. Firstline Therapy (FLT) is a specialized therapeutic lifestyle change program unlike any other in that the FLT system targets the underlying causes of chronic illnesses by incorporating a sensible eating plan, exercise, nutritional supplementation, and stress management.

In fact, the following key characteristics are unique to the FLT program:
  • FLT is Not Just a Weight Loss Program - Most Programs are focused on weight while FLT is best used as a first line treatment for common, chronic health problems (e.g., high cholesterol, insulin resistance, unhealthy body composition).
  • The FLT Eating Plan is Different - Most programs are focused on low-fat diets while FLT emphasizes the importance of a low-glycemic eating plan that is consistent with current research.
  • FLT Incorporates Medical Foods and Nutritional Supplements - The appropriate use of medical foods and supplements enhances program effectiveness and shortens the time it takes for you to achieve risk reduction goals.
  • FLT Has Been Demonstrated to Be Effective in Human Clinical Studies - Most programs lack clinical evidence of effectiveness

Visit our Firstline Therapy Blog for recipes, tips, and other postings from our program. For more information about Firstline Therapy, click here. Ask how you can start Firstline Therapy today!

Therapeutic Hormonal Modulation

Types of Visits Offered:

Saliva Testing with Initial Hormonal Modulation Visit

Cost of visit: $425

Hormone replacement is one approach to women’s wellness. Bioidentical hormones offer women an individual and unique combination to replace hormones that the body may be deficient in. Because we are all biochemically different, by knowing your exact hormone tissue levels, your doctor is able to adjust them accordingly.

This visit includes the following:
  • One hour visit with Dr. Michelle Harden Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology / Lifestyle Medicine
  • This holistic model looks upstream, to treatment approaches which include: dietary modifications, nutraceutical supplementation, hormone balance, and lifestyle changes.

Stress Reduction Visit

Cost of visit: $300
This visit includes the following:
  • One hour visit and stress type evaluation with Dr. Michelle Harden, certified in Mind-Body Skills.
  • Stress reduction techniques to include meditation, imagery, breath work, visualization, and biofeedback.
  • Thermoster to self-monitor body temperature: Under stress, muscles tense and blood flow is restricted to the main body and shuts down from the hands and feet.
  • Biodots to immediately tell if your system is reacting adversely to a stressful situation.
  • 60 Minute stress reduction massage from certified massage therapist.

The HS-Omega-3 Complex

Omega-3 oils (also called “fatty acids”) are essential in the human diet and are good for your heart and health. Researchers have discovered that higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in your blood can reduce your risk for sudden cardiac death by up to 90%.

The HS-Omega-3 Index is a new laboratory test that measures the amount of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in your red blood cells. The HS-Omega-3 Index will help you determine your risk for sudden cardiac death. You can reduce your risk by increasing your HS-Omega-3 Index.

This test was developed by Dr. William Harris and Dr. Clemens Von Schacky, a cardiologist from Munich, Germany. It is being used by researchers around the world to study the relationships between omega-3 levels and the risk for a variety of other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, and arthritis, in addition to heart disease.

No blood tests predict your risk for sudden cardiac death better than the HS-Omega-3 Index.

Optimal Nutritional Evaluation

Rather than follow the daily recommended intake of supplements, the ONE can calculate your personalized daily recommendation of each vitamin supplement, guiding you to optimal health and energy levels. These measurements are based on a simple blood and urine analysis which will allow us to send you off with an individualized vitamin health pack, made just for you! In addition, amino acids are measured to assess digestion, absorption, metabolic impairments, and nutritional deficits. Antioxidant reserves and the presence of oxidative injury are also analyzed.

Menopausal Assessment with Bioidentical Hormones & Saliva Testing

Hormone replacement is one approach to women’s wellness. Bioidentical hormones offer women an individual and unique combination to replace hormones that the body may be deficient in. A woman may choose to have her hormones evaluated by saliva testing; a new method of hormone testing which has been used by the CDC and NASA.

For more information on Bioidentical Hormones, please click here.

Nutritional Assessment

Fact or fad? Through nutritional counseling, learn the facts and develop a lifestyle food plan, based on your body’s requirements.

We offer nutritional assessment during pregnancy, which is a great time to change your lifestyle for you and your baby.

Metabolic Testing

Measures individual metabolic rate, allowing a precise individualized program for successful weight loss. This information is used to design a precise nutritive guide for weight loss, based on your body’s required caloric intake. By knowing the exact number of calories required by your body, you will be able to lose weight without feeling hungry and tired. This is a 10 minute test that requires you to do nothing but relax and breathe!

Allergy Testing

Provides both patients and healthcare professionals with a tool to successfully overcome a wide variety of conditions, such as digestive disorders, migraines, obesity, chronic fatigue, skin disorders and arthritis, which results from food and chemical sensitivities. This blood test helps to identify possible reactions to over 350 foods, chemicals, and other substances associated with inflammation which is linked to a plethora of conditions.

Integrative Health Visit & Testing

A preventive approach to mental health. This includes testing based on your individual symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, sleep problems, depression, and anxiety.

Bioimpedance Analysis

BIA is a safe, rapid, noninvasive technique for assessing multiple fluid compartments and body composition of fat, water, and muscle simultaneously without laborious dilution techniques or underwater weighing.

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