Mind-Body Skills Group

Introductory Mind-Body Skills Group

Mind- body medicine focuses on the interactions between the mind and the body, focusing on the powerful ways an individual can participate in their own healing and health. Thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can effect and shape every aspect of our biological functioning. How we care for our bodies may affect how we think and feel. There are a variety of ways to provide self- care, which include ancient and modern techniques that one can use to have an impact on overall health and well-being.

Mind Body skill groups provide a way for an individual to learn skills for taking care of one’s self and to practice them in a supportive environment. You will be introduced to a variety of specific skills that will help you change the way you deal with stress, illness and your life. Some of these techniques are meditation, guided imagery, writing and drawing. These groups are designed to assist you in coming to know yourself better and in learning and using the tools that will help you to experience greater self-awareness, as well as a more positive perception about your life. Self-care, or the heart of health care, and active engagement in helping oneself is powerfully therapeutic.

    • Place: Stone Oak Women’s Center waiting room Cost- $20 per session (per couple or single).
    • Materials: None,other than an open mind and a desire for greater self awareness

The part can never be well unless the whole is well
– Plato